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מאת: מערכת Telecom News 
30/07/13,  12:00
נושא: Report title: From Digital Content to M-Wallets: M-Payment Strategies for Operators
תוכן המסמך: Mobile money services for the unbanked, popular in emerging markets, are showing both much faster adoption than m-wallets and related services addressing those with a bank account, and a steeper revenue curve.
קישור לצפייה:
הערות: The mobile payments market has long been an attractive opportunity, and mobile operators have been facilitating payments for content services for many years. Mobile payment services such as ticketing and contactless payments have been available in some markets since the late 1990s or early 2000s. In 2007, two things happened that set big changes in motion: Apple released the iPhone, followed a year later by the App Store, and Safaricom in Kenya launched the first mass-market mobile money service to meet with wide success, M-Pesa.
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