The High-Cost of Mobile Business Users’ Rogue IT Practices

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מאת: מערכת Telecom News 
29/09/13,  21:00
The High-Cost
of Mobile Business Users’ Rogue IT Practices
תוכן המסמך:
David Lavenda
Vice President, Product Strategy,
קישור לצפייה:
What is the #1 worry of IT professionals today? The survey found that fear of a data meltdown due to compromised documents lost via unsecured le
sync services tops the list, with malware downloaded via third-party apps as #2; viruses ranked third.
‘Rogue IT’ is a phenomenon that occurs when workers circumvent organizational controls by exploiting unsanctioned IT resources that are outside the
supervision of corporate IT. For example, many workers store corporate documents on publicly-available le sync and store services, such as Dropbox.
As organizations become increasingly mobile, the incidence of rogue IT behavior is most certainly intensifying…by just how much, is not clear.
So, in an effort to quantify the impact and highlight the scope of rogue IT practices, as well as gauge the damages it is causing organizations,
enterprise mobile application provider (pronounced ‘harmony’) commissioned a survey of 500 business IT users working in US and global
companies. The survey was elded August 13th -22nd, 2013 by online market research rm uSamp (United Sample). See Survey Demographics for
details about the sampling population.
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