How to Invest in Israel

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14/03/14,  01:00
נושא: How to invest in Israel?
תוכן המסמך: The smart investors guide to investing in Israel. An OurCrowd publication, Written by Dani Forman.
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Israel stands for a lot of things in the global economy. The book, Start-up Nation codified Israel’s startup ecosystem as one of the most vibrant -- and profitable -- in the world. This hasn’t been lost on investors. Over the past few years, as much of the world experienced massive bankruptcies and sluggishness of their economies in the wake of the subprime crisis in the U.S., Israel’s economy kept producing -- generating returns on investment in the Israeli stock market, bond market, currency market, and of course, in private equity -- Israel’s startups. This ebook is intended to be a valuable primer for investors who are serious about investing in Israeli opportunities.

By Zack Miller, head of OurCrowd's investor community

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