WAN Optimization as-a-Service

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29/05/14,  20:00

The New WAN, Simplified: Optimization for On-premise and Cloud Applications.
WAN Optimization as-a-Service.

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Executive Summary

Enterprise IT managers today are burdened with the challenge of supporting an ever more distributed workforce using a variety of bandwidth-hungry applications that are either centralized or accessed in the Cloud, in the face of flat or declining budgets.

The traditional solution to this problem has been to pay for MPLS connections at all enterprise locations, and augment this with the deployment of WAN Optimization appliances. While effective for many larger enterprises at delivering acceptable application performance in the face of enterprise data center consolidation, this approach has a number of cost and technical challenges that will inhibit more widespread use.

MPLS is very expensive and relatively low bandwidth. The capital cost plus software maintenance costs of WAN

Optimization appliances are hard to justify for many companies and at many locations. The complexity of deployment and ongoing management of these appliances, as well as the network monitoring / visibility software and databases to go along with them, make the costs higher still.

On the technical side, while WAN Optimization appliance solutions have been designed to operate well over “clean” domestic MPLS networks, they are not optimized to work well when using Internet connections or over very long distance connections where congestion-based packet loss can be a frequent occurrence. They also are not designed to support Internet-based access to Cloud-based services or SaaS.

Into this breach comes Aryaka’s groundbreaking WAN Optimization as-a-Service™ solution. It combines our Cloud-based, purpose-built WAN Optimization technology with enterprise-grade connectivity utilizing a dedicated reliable core network based on globally distributed POPs, and centralized WAN and application-layer visibility. With our unique, multi-segment architecture, it delivers LAN-like performance over the WAN without the high cost of MPLS or the cost and hassle of purchased WAN Optimization appliance solutions, all in a single, no CAPEX monthly service.

Our multi-tenant WAN Optimization technology deployed at each of our POPs offers application acceleration proxies for “chatty” protocols like CIFS and MAPI, data-deduplication and compression for bandwidth scaling, as well as generalized TCP optimization. An optional network appliance is also available at no additional cost to provide bandwidth scaling at locations with low bandwidth or high latency links.

Enterprise locations connect to the Aryaka network over existing Internet links (or using direct L2 connections) to one or more of our POPs, and can be up and running in minutes, not weeks or months. Our global core network with built-in diversity and redundancy provides reliability and stable low latency connectivity across the globe between customer sites, as well as for accessing Internet-based SaaS and Cloud services, avoiding the “middle mile” congestion problems that Internet-based connectivity solutions face. With POPs close to end user locations, our patent-pending multi-segment solution minimizes the impact of packet loss on the first/last mile when it does occur, delivering optimized, predictable performance. We offer elastic capacity with instant upgrades, so customers can quickly and easily add bandwidth at any location. The ability to burst above the bandwidth subscribed provides even more capacity without extra cost.

Our web-based MyAryaka™ portal delivers network-wide visibility for both network connectivity and application performance and usage of the network. And as a fully managed service, we do all of the management, providing 24/7 support via NOCs located on opposite sides of the world.

Aryaka’s WAN Optimization as-a-Service – the complete WAN solution for optimized access to both internal and Cloud-based applications for enterprises of all sizes.

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