Telecom News - תושבי הדרום יזכו ל-40% הנחה לכנס Inside Bitcoins ב-28-29 ביולי בת"א

תושבי הדרום יזכו ל-40% הנחה לכנס Inside Bitcoins ב-28-29 ביולי בת"א

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תושבי הדרום יזכו ל-40% הנחה לכנס Inside Bitcoins ב-28-29 ביולי בת"א
מאת: מערכת Telecom News, 22.7.14, 19:25Inside Bitcoins

ההנחה היא פרי יוזמתו של הסטארטאפ HashWare  הפועל להטמעת הביטקוין בישראל.
הסטארטאפ HashWare, שפועל למינוף השימוש בביטקוין בארץ, נותן מחווה של ממש לתושבי הדרום לנוכח מבצע "צוק איתן". לאחר תיאום וסיבסוד מול מארגני הכנס היוקרתי  Inside Bitcoins   עליו דיווחנו – כאן, תינתן לתושבי הדרום 40% הנחה לכנס, שיערך ב-28-29 ביולי 2014 במלון הילטון בתל אביב.

לצורך כך הונפק קופון מיוחד על סמך זיהוי הנרשם לפי מספר תעודת הזהות שלו ומקום המגורים.

הקוד: welovedarom

הרישום – כאן.

עדכון 21:50:

נדחה כנס הביטקוין הבינלאומי בשבוע הבא. להלן ההודעה שנשלחה למשתתפים:

Dear speakers, sponsors and participants

As you may know, the recent security situation in Israel (and mostly the perception of it), have caused us to rethink our plans for the Inside Bitcoins Tel Aviv conference on July 28-29. After assessing the situation, we had concluded that we can should still do everything in our power to have a great conference, and that we should not let down everyone who made plans for it

However, today we've had escalating developments with regards to incoming flights, starting with the US government advising against flights to Israel, continuing with major airlines cancelling their flights and ending with a temporary ban. Some European airlines have followed suit. I should add that the Israeli government assesses that flights are still safe and urging everyone to reconsider

This means that our speakers, sponsors and participants from the US - including, ironically, our partners Media Bistro - as well as some others around the world, cannot make it here. As a result, we are no longer confident we can deliver the quality conference people paid for

Therefore, with sad hearts we have no choice but to postpone the conference. It is sad that we are letting a few extremists disrupt our agenda, but at this point we have to be practical. We are very sorry to disappoint everyone who were counting on the conference; and this decision is extremely painful for everyone involved in the production, who have spent a huge amount of their time and money over the past half year to make this conference a success

We will immediately start working on putting together a new date for an Israeli conference. The date should be announced sometime next week. When we set the date, sponsors and participants will have the choice of receiving a refund or participating in the new conference

Hopefully the new conference will take place in less troubled times, and we will use all the experience we have gained to make sure that the first international Bitcoin conference in Israel will be even greater than originally anticipated

Thank you all for your understanding. Take care and good luck

Meni Rosenfeld, Chairman
Israeli Bitcoin Association


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