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Google, an undeclared Monopoly, continues down its path: unexpectedly eliminating applications, brutally eliminating customers' services (ex. AdSense) for no reason and with no explanations, forcing all the Internet industry to worship (and pay) for the Google money machine - SEO, built up around Google services and continuously feeds the undeclared monopoly, that controls global Internet everywhere and in Israel.

By: Avi Weiss, 01.04.13, 13:00Google

Opinion: In the recent past (and in Europe, to this day) regulatory bodies were pursuing (especially the authorities dealing with monopolies) after Microsoft. They particularly enjoyed going after Microsoft, in regards to the Internet Explorer browser. However, in today's reality, the monopoly is actually Google, who was not declared as a monopoly, not in Europe (which regulatory wise we belong to) and not in Israel. I have already published the data about the undisputed dominance of the Google Chrome browser in Israel.

Google, like any overbearing monopoly (perhaps because it was not declared a monopoly), is acting as such in regards to the Internet industry. Examples: Google banishes customers from the AdSense affiliate program for no apparent reason, and without any explanation or warning. With no actually an ability to appeal, anyone who dares to question the wisdom of the unreasonable unofficial monopoly is answered by threats and mockery. This is not a theory. I am writing from personal experience (and feeble attempts) dealing with the whims and power of Google this past week.

As if the above was not enough, Google's official blog suddenly announced on the 13th of March this year that it will be shutting down about 8 applications and their services immediately (or in a few weeks frame). Microsoft never did that. Even if Microsoft would have decided to shutdown a service or application, it would have done so gradually, allowing the customers of those services to prepare for the transition. There are services, which their shutdown process took between one and two years or even more. At Google, shutdown can be done immediately, with no advanced notice and that is that. Customers can complain all they want. This is exactly how an undeclared and aggressive Monopoly behaves. It is clear that this kind of behavior will eventually lead to the end of its reign.

According to Google's blog, since 2011, it has shutdown no less than - 70 applications and services (!). It is even proud of such steps. It is no wonder, when you cannot care less about your users; everything looks like the correct step. One peculiar case from the latest list is discontinuing the support for Google Reader, the Google RSS tool on the 13th of March. Why should Google care that users (ex. Writer) use this tool daily, only to find out it is no longer available, with no fair warning or any explanation, just an odd message on a blog?.

Some professionals in the field of photography and editing complained that Google buried Snapseed Desktop, another decision from the 13th of March. Google acquired the software manufacturer Nik Software but six months ago. As stated in the Company blog, it immediately stopped product support for both Windows and Mac. The Company blog says that the product will continue to be supported for mobile systems (Android and Apple). In plain English, publishers and professionals using this software (a unique image editing software for Desktops) on Windows and Mac systems, can go jump off a roof... Hence, in one day, discontinuing any support for the service and application, without any previous warning. This is a Monopoly's rampage at its best.

Unlike Microsoft, who notifies of any computer\device updates, getting permission to update and reporting a special tool which is updated, why and when, in Google's world the user's personal device is promiscuous and all is allowed. Google updates the remote devices at will, whenever it likes without informing the user in any way, without permission and without informing him that the system has been updated. About a week ago, I discovered that navigation applications and maps suddenly disappeared from the desktop icons on my Smartphone and Home Screens. A simple examination of the application menus taught me, that Google has updated at least 4 programs without asking my permission and without informing me when the update was made, or after it was made. As far as Google is concerned, I do not exist and the devices belong to them and not to me. It is pretty clear to me that all my private data on the device is not protected and is used as Google sees fit, I am not sure why and how it is used, but I'm sure of one thing: it is not to my benefit.

Around this "monopoly" called Google, another giant parasitical money machine was formed called SEO, or "Search Engine Optimization". The idea is simple, those who do not pay this "machine" to be promoted on Google, do not exist. The money of internet users, advertisers, publishers, continues to roll all directions leading to Google and its independent machine, SEO, a machine that Google is nurturing and encouraging constantly by inventing new ways to promote the Google search engine, methods that are, obviously, more expensive for all users .

When will the Antitrust Authority in Israel (or elsewhere) declare Google as a monopoly, and restrain its power? I hope – it will happen soon.

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